The magically mellow flavor of caramel, created by boiling down sugar and milk. Throughout the ages, people have adored these expressive sweets.The caramel we have created through trial and error over the past 30 years contain a profound appeal still unknown to many.

01 Our story

We want everyone to experience the flavor of caramel created through original ideas and the sophisticated skills and sensibilities of artisans.That is why, in February 2019, we launched CARAMELIFE, then in January 2020, opened up shop in Jiyugaoka.

02 Secret of our caramels : 1

CARAMELIFE’s signature flavor of caramel, our Standard, comes in two flavors, Basic Caramel and Butter Caramel.Each of these has five levels of flavor ranging from Bitter to Sweet.

03 Secret of our caramels : 2

These flavors are created through cooking method alone.
The ingredients and manufacturing process behind caramel is very simple.That is precisely why achieving a consistent flavor is difficult, requiring sophisticated skill on the part of the caramel craftsman.During the cooking process, there are changes to the color, bubbling, stickiness, time, and temperature…Caramel transforms as it cooks, reaching a point where the color and flavor start to change significantly.

04 Secret of our caramels : 3

The five levels of flavor are all completed withing ten minutes of this, meaning there’s no time to hesitate.Caramel must be created with the utmost care so as not to miss the ideal end point (the point at which to stop cooking).This little jar is packed with the sense, experience, and judgment of master caramel artisans.